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A leaking pipe is no joke. It can lead to expensive damage if left unrepaired. If you suspect a leak, contact us so we can find the problem now!

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Road to Ridge Leak Detectives

Residential Leak Detection in Fort Smith, AR

Whether you have an obvious water leak that needs to be pinpointed or a high water bill that’s leading you to suspect a leak, rest assured that when you call Road to Ridge Leak Detectives, you will get prompt and professional service.

We provide residential leak detection in Fort Smith, AR, and with advanced technology we are able to locate underground water line leaks, water service line leaks, under-slab water link leaks, swimming pool leaks, and more.

Do you have a leak?

Pay attention to the early warning signs

Usually, leaks aren’t completely obvious until they’ve entirely ruptured and have turned into a small or major flood. It’s important to notice the early warning signs of a leak to avoid the expenses of cleaning up those larger messes.

wet spots

mold & mildew

cracks in your foundation

increase in your water bill

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